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This page serves as an index of useful tools you may wish to use in your research.

MaizeGDB BLAST Search: Execute a BLAST search against the ZmDB (Maize Gene Discovery Project) sequence data set.
Mapped Sequence Search: Enter a list of sequence accession numbers and find out if they're mapped and on what maps.
Image Browser: Browse through our images to get a visual idea of some of the things that are stored.
Bin Viewer: Browse the maize genome in a visual fashion!
Locus Lookup: Search for genomic coordinates based on a locus. If the coordinates are unknown, this tool will estimate a region where this locus may be located based on a genetic map. This tool will provide links to the Genome Browser.
Locus Pair Lookup: Search for genomic coordinates that bound a pair of loci.

These tools are integrated throughout the site making searches quick and convenient. For example, all of these tools are available on sequence records (e.g., see AI438620), allowing automatic searching with just a mouse click.

Real Community Curation Tools: Create records and curate data stored in the database! To get information on how to become a curator, fill out and submit this form and check the box to become a curator.

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