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23rd Stadler Genetics Symposium
Genome Exploitation: Data Mining
March 31 - April 2, 2003
University of Missouri - Columbia, MO

General Information | Program | Registration Form

Conference Registration Form

Please print and fill out this form.

Please print or type, one name per form

Name (First/Last)_____________________________________________________


Mailing Address_______________________________________________________


Country_____________________  E-mail Address__________________________

Telephone (_____)____________________  Fax (_____)____________________

Registration Fee:
Participants with Proceedings           $170    $________
Participants without Proceedings        $120    $________
Student Fee (includes proceedings)      $130    $________
On Site Registration Fee Penalty        $25     $________

Banquet Tickets:  # of tickets        @ $30     $________
Campus Parking Pass                     $6      $________
Total Amount Enclosed                           $________

All registration fees are to be paid in United States Dollars.  
Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank, and bank encoded.

For Credit Card Registrations: Please Charge $             to:    
. MasterCard     . Visa     . Discover                Exp. Date:____/____

Card Number:__________________________________________________________

Cardholder.s Name (Please Print)______________________________________


Register by Phone or Fax with your credit card to:
Phone: (573)882-2429		Fax: [573]882=1953

Make checks payable to: University of Missouri
Mail check and registration form to:
                Stadler Genetics Symposium
                348 Hearnes Center
                University of Missouri-Columbia
                Columbia, Missouri 65211

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