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Search Details

In the upper right and lower right corner of every page, you will find a small search area that will allow you to conduct simple searches throughout our website. When you visit any page, by default a cursor will be located in the search field in the upper right; you can immediately begin typing in your search terms without clicking.

Search Tips

Search using only the terms you're sure of. For example, if you are looking for information about a specific person and only know this person's last name, type in just the last name. If you are unsure of the spelling, only type the portion that you are sure of. For example, if you were looking for David Galbraith's information, and you were only sure that his last name was Galbraith, you should just put Galbraith in the text blank. If you were unsure how exactly Galbraith was spelled, but you were pretty confident that Gal was the first three letters, you could just put in Gal.

Another example is if you are searching for descriptions of ramosa phenotypes. In this instance, your key term is ramosa, so just execute searches for ramosa.

Search only within a certain data type. For instance, if you're only interested in genes, try searching only within the locus data set (using the pull-down menu on the search field of every page). It will provide much faster results for your search than searching all records in the database.

You may also be looking for a range of ID numbers.

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