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Carson AndorfBioinformatics engineer & programmerInterface design and development, tool development, web, network, and system administration
Darwin CampbellDatabase administrator & operationsData management, infrastructure hardware, facilities coordinator, purchasing
Jack GardinerCuratorMicroarrays, RNA-Seq, gene expression, physical and genetic mapping, epigenetics, podcasts
Lisa HarperCurator & outreach coordinatorPlant development, phenotypes, meiosis, cell biology, cytogenetics, outreach
John PortwoodProgrammerSoftware and website design/development
Mary SchaefferCuratorFunctional annotation and ontologies; phenotypic variations; metabolic networks; genetic and physical maps.
Taner SenComputational BiologistPathways and networks, biological data analysis and visualization, functional annotation

Working Group more...
Alice Barkan
David Jackson
Anne-Francoise Lamblin
Thomas Lubberstedt
Eric Lyons
Karen McGinnis
Lukas Mueller
Mihai Pop (Chair)
Marty Sachs †*
Nathan Springer

† This person was also a member of the MaizeDB to MaizeGDB Transition Steering Committee.
* This person serves ex officio.

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