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Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Activities, 2010

April 2010: MGEC chair Tom Brutnell presented an overview of the MGEC survey (PDF) from 2009 at an National Corn Growers Association workshop. Pat Schnable (PDF) and Steve Moose (PDF) also gave presentations.

May 2010: Deployment of the Maize Research Blog.

September 8, 2010: Read the MGEC report on the NSF meeting to discuss the concerns of and opportunities for the maize genetics community.

December 2010: As a direct result of the meeting with NSF, established the Maize Genome Assembly and Annotation Consortium.

  • First announced in the Maize Workshop at the 2011 Plant and Animal Genome Conference.
  • Requested NSF funds to back the endeavor from the Plant Genome Research Program (Jan 2011 submission)

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