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50th Maize Genetics Conference
February 27 to March 2, 2008

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC, 20008, (202) 328-2000

Download the conference program!

Here are some of the presentations from the meeting. These will remain posted through June 30.

James Holland - Maize phenomics: massively parallel phenotyping of the nested association mapping population
Anne Stapleton (for Rich Jorgensen) - The iPlant collaborative: Empowering a new plant biology
Carolyn Lawrence (for Jon Duvick) - Maize full-length gene identification, annotation, and comparison with model species
Eric Lyons - Maize syntenic analyses using all grass genomes as outgroups
William Sheridan - Origin and evolution of the annual Maize Genetics Conference
Vipula Shukla - Zinc finger nuclease-mediated gene targeting in maize
Jianbing Yan - HYDB1 and its interaction with LCYE influence beta-carotene synthesis and improve provitamin A content in maize

2008 Steering Committee

The steering committee for the 2008 meeting is as follows:
Chair: Thomas Brutnell, Cornell University,
Co Chair: Steve Moose
Jorge Nieto-Sotelo
Erin Irish
Mei Guo
Peter Rogowsky
Mike Muszynski
Elizabeth Kellogg
Giuseppe Gavazzi
Pablo Rabinowicz (local host)
Karen Cone (ex officio)
Marty Sachs (ex officio, local organizer for Midwest meetings)
Mary Schaeffer (ex officio)
Trent Seigfried (ex officio)

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