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48th Maize Genetics Conference
March 9-12, 2006

Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA


Conference Program now available!

Featured Speakers

Ottoline Leyser, University of York
Calling long distance- hormonal communication between meristems

Joachim Messing, Rutgers University
Structure and architecture of the maize genome

Kathleen Newton, University of Missouri
Mitochondrial genomes in maize and it's relatives

Robert Pruitt, Purdue University
Non-Mendelian inheritance of DNA sequence information in Arabidopsis

2006 Steering Committee

The steering committee for the 2006 meeting is as follows:
Chair: Jay Hollick, University of California - Berkeley
Richard Schneeberger, CERES, Inc.
Ed Buckler, USDA / ARS, Cornell University
Anne Sylvester, University of Wyoming
Wes Bruce, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Marja Timmermans, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Monika Frey, Tech Univ. Munchen
Jorge Nieto-Sotelo, UNAM
Thomas Brutnell, Cornell University
Erin Irish, University of Iowa
Karen Cone, ex officio, Permanent Treasurer, University of Missouri
Mary Schaeffer, ex officio, Abstract Coordinator, USDA / ARS, University of Missouri
Marty Sachs, ex officio, USDA / ARS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Trent Seigfried, ex officio, USDA / ARS, Iowa State University

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