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46th Maize Genetics Conference
March 11-14, 2004

Mexico City, Mexico

Meeting Announcement and Registration Information

Hotel: Camino Real Mexico Hotel Registration | General Info about Camino Real Mexico

Information on site travel

Conference Information
Program & Index of Presentations


Patricia León, Universidad Autónoma de Mexico, Glucose regulation in plants: a dissection of a complex signaling network
Nancy Craig, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The mechanism of hAT element transposition
Ed Buckler, USDA-ARS, Bridging genomics and breeding with maize diversity
Luis Herrera-Estrella, Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados del IPN, Phosphorus stress responses in Arabidopsis and maize


Maize genetic diversity - exploration, maintenance and applications
Sequencing the maize gene space - a progress report

2004 Steering Committee

The steering committee for the 2004 meeting is as follows:
Co-chair: Martha James, Iowa State University
Co-chair: Mike Scanlon, University of Georgia
Local Hosts: Daniel Grimanelli, IRD - CIMMYT
Jorge Nieto-Sotelo UNAM
Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada, CINVESTAV
Wes Bruce, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Gunter Feix, Universitat Freiburg
Monika Frey, Tech Univ. Munchen
Sarah Hake, USDA-ARS, Plant Gene Expression Center
Jay Hollick, University of California - Berkeley
David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Patrick Schnable, Iowa State University
Lynn Senior, Syngenta
Karen Cone, ex officio, Permanent Treasurer, University of Missouri
Mary Polacco, ex officio, Abstract Coordinator, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri
Marty Sachs, ex officio, Local Host: MidWest meetings, USDA-ARS

You can contact the entire committee by sending an email to

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