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45th Maize Genetics Conference
March 13-16, 2003

Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva WI

Program and Abstracts

The following documents are in PDF format; you can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader free of charge from Adobe.

General Information
List of abstracts, talk abstracts
Poster abstracts
List of registrants
Abstract author index

2003 Steering Committee

Chair: David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Local Host: Marty Sachs, USDA-ARS, University of Illinois
Gunter Feix, Universitat Freiburg
Daniel Grimanelli, ORSTOM - CIMMYT
Sarah Hake, USDA-ARS, Plant Gene Expression Center
Martha James, Iowa State University
Robert Meeley, Pioneer Hi-Bred Int'l
Mike Scanlon, University of Georgia
Patrick Schnable, Iowa State University
Lynn Senior, Syngenta
Dave Weber, Illinois State University
Karen Cone, ex officio, Permanent Treasurer, University of Missouri
Mary Polacco, ex officio, Abstract Coordinator, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri

Of Interest to Maize Cooperators
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