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Plant Genome Resources

PlantRBP/POGS Database
PlantRBP/POGS is a database of Putative Orthologous Groups (POGs) for Arabidopsis, rice and maize, annotated with domain content, targeting predictions, and phylogenetic trees. Useful features of the database include the ability to search for proteins with specific domains AND intracellular location, the concurrent display of mutual best hits and phylogenetic trees which facilitates evaluation of POG assignments, and the display of targeting predictions and domain organization, which reveals consistency (or lack thereof) of those predictions among orthologs.

Anchor Probes for Comparative Mapping of Grass Species
The text and additional details of a paper describing the generally accepted anchor probes used for comparative mapping in the grasses.

Arabinet: Arabidopsis Links
A collection of links to various resources for the study of Arabidopsis.

Arabidopsis thaliana Insertion Database
A database of insertion sites for Arabidopsis.

Deep Gene
The Deep Gene project is designed to facilitate a new, well-coordinated, cohesive scientific community that will be able to use this phylogenetic and genomics information for new applications.

Dendrome: A Forest Tree Genome Database
The goal of the Dendrome Project is to act as a central electronic resource for the study of forest tree genomes.

GrainGenes is a compilation of molecular and phenotypic information on wheat, barley, rye, triticale, and oats. The project is supported by the USDA-ARS Plant Genome Research Program, and by the community of scientists who are providing the information and the reasons to be interested in it.

Gramene was funded by the USDA IFAFS programme to create a curated, open-source, Web-accessible data resource for comparative genome analysis in the grasses. Data formerly in RiceGenes is now integrated in Gramene.

North American Barley Genome Project
The long-term goal of the NABGP is to locate and characterize genes of economic importance and to use these genes in applied plant breeding. In the broadest sense, the NABMP is an international consortium of barley researchers.

Plant Arrays Virtual Library
This site provides a virtual library of information concerning plant arrays.

Plant Genomes Central
This site, hosted by NCBI, provides a central resource for plant genome resources and projects.

Rice Genome Research Program
The RGP aims to completely sequence the entire rice genome and subsequently to pursue integrated goals in functional genomics, genome informatics and applied genomics.

Solanaceae Genomics Network
The goals of the Solanaceae Genomics Network include providing genomic information about solanaceous species in a comparative format and tying that information to the Arabidopsis genome. In this site you will find comparative maps, marker sequences, EST sequences, phylogenetic information, and links to related web sites.

SoyBase is a USDA-funded centralised database for soybean information.

The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) provides a comprehensive resource for the scientific community working with Arabidopsis thaliana, a widely used model plant. TAIR consists of a searchable relational database, which includes many different datatypes.

TIGR Gene Indices
The TIGR Gene Indices provide a gene clustering service for many plant, animal, and microbial species, in which public sequences are clustered together to describe likely genes.

UK CropNet
Established in 1996 as part of the BBSRC's Plant and Animal Genome Analysis special initiative, the focus of UK CropNet is the development, management, and distribution of information relating to comparative mapping and genome research in crop plants.

Germplasm Resources

Crop Germplasm Committee Information
This page provides details on the germplasm committees for various crops. You can visit the maize germplasm committee information directly.

GRIN: Germplasm Resource Information Network
GRIN, the electronic arm of the National Germplasm Resources Program, is responsible for acquisition, characterization, preservation, documentation, and distribution to scientists, germplasm of all lifeforms important for food and agricultural production.

ICIS: International Crop Information System
The International Crop Information System (ICIS) is a database system for the management and integration of global information on genetic resources and crop improvement for any crop.

SINGER: System-wide Information Network for Genetic Resources
SINGER is the genetic resources information exchange network of the International Agricultural Research Centres of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). It provides access to information on the collections of genetic resources held by the CGIAR Centres.

GEM: Germplasm Enhancement for Maize
The objective of GEM is to widen the germplasm base of commercial hybrid corn in the United States through the introduction and incorporation of novel and useful germplasm gathered from around the globe.

USDA Germplasm Collection of Maize Strains and Varieties
This site contains characteristic/evaluation data on corn (Zea) accessions as proposed by the Maize Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC).

Plant Breeding Dictionary and Updates
The Plant Breeding Dictionary should provide a representative selection of technical terms from the huge vocabulary of plant breeders or seed producers and all those who work in related fields.

Cooperative Federal-State Maize Breeding Project
The Cooperative Federal-State Maize Breeding Project is a combination of USDA-ARS scientists and scientists in the Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. The site provides information about our research in maize breeding and genetics.

Other Plant Science Resources

PLANTS National Database
The PLANTS Database is a single source of standardized information about plants. This database focuses on vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.

Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden website provides an abundance of botanical information on a wide variety of plant species.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew seek to enable better management of the Earth's environment by increasing knowledge and understanding of the plant and fungal kingdoms - the basis of life on earth.

Many thanks to Ed Coe and Mary Polacco for collecting and providing many of the URLs used here.

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