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Maize Genome Sequencing Information Portal

Documents | Sequence Downloads | Primer on Sequencing Methods | Bibliography


These documents outline the goals of the maize genome sequencing initiative, as well as information about the call for proposals.

Request For Proposals For Maize Genome Sequencing (at NSF)
National Plant Genome Initiative 5 Year Plan
Maize Genome Sequencing Project Workshop Report (Plant Physiology 127:1572-1578)
Update on the Maize Genome Sequencing Project (Plant Physiology 130:1594-1597)
Maize Sequencing Gold Standard (MGEC recommendations)

Sequence Downloads

Here are links to resources where you can download sequence data.

PlantGDB Portal to Maize Sequences Maize Genome Sequence Data

Primer on Sequencing Methods (courtesy

EST Sequencing
Whole-Genome Shotgun Sequencing
BAC-by-BAC Sequencing


This bibliography seeks to conveniently collect recent articles of particular relevance to the maize genome sequencing effort. Please use the feedback form on this page to suggest other resources that should be mentioned. (References shown are ordered roughly according to recency of publication date.)

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