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Gene Product Data In MaizeGDB

Simple Gene Product Search | Gene Product Advanced Search | Discussion of Gene Product Data for the General Public

Simple Gene Product Search

This search form allows you to just enter basic name info to quickly retrieve the desired gene product. Use % as a wild card.

(see a sample gene product query)

Other potentially interesting searches include %s-transferase (details on all s-transferases in the database) or %ribosomal%chloroplast (details on ribosomal chloroplasts).

This search can be executed on every page on the site by utilizing the form in the upper right corner. Choose "gene products" from the drop-down menu, enter your search term in the field, and hit return to find the gene product you're looking for.

Gene Products Advanced Search

Set Up Search Criteria

with For example, the Gene Product aldolase, or Gene Products beginning with the letter c (using * or % wildcards)
of :
with :  .   .   .     For example, EC Number
made by For example, the locus bas1, or loci beginning with the letters bet (using * or % wildcards)
induced by :
with :
with :
with :
with :

* The Advanced Search on names returns records where the search string represents the gene product's actual annotated name in the database. To retrieve a broader range of results, try the Advanced Search tool toward the top of the page.

Discussion of Gene Product Data for the General Public

What is a gene product?

A gene product is any protein or enzyme that occurs as a result of translation of a gene. A gene, then, refers to a particular piece of DNA that, in genetic code, contains the recipe for a gene product.

Gene products are the actual materials that carry on the daily functions of life, such as digesting foods, making new living tissue, and converting materials into energy; actions that virtually all living things undergo in life.

What value does storing and studying gene product data have?

Storing this information allows us to make and retain the vital connections between genetic data and the product of this data.

What is the connection between corn and gene product data?

Different gene products result in different physical manifestations, or varieties. Understanding the gene products themselves and their genetic sources helps us understand the inner workings of these differences between corn types and enables us to work on improved varieties.

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