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Maize Educational Resources

This page is intended to collect an abundance of resources for educators and students alike to learn about maize and genetics. If you know of other things that should be on this page, please let us know by using the feedback link at the bottom of this page.

General Information About Maize/Corn

The Maize Page: A collection of educational resources about maize, covering everything from the genetics of maize to its social impact.

How A Corn Plant Develops: From The Maize Page, this is a wonderful document describing in detail how a corn plant develops.

Controlled Pollination of Maize: How do scientists control how maize pollinates? This page explains the techniques.
Document provided by Leszek Vincent, University of Missouri

Generating The Building Blocks For Maize Research: A series of documents explaining the cutting edge of maize research and why it is important in layman's terms.
Documents written by Katherine Miller, a freelance science writer

MaizeGDB Tutorial: Learn how to navigate the MaizeGDB site.

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Discussions in Cytogenetics is a complete textbook by C. R. Burnham, one of the fundamental researchers in the area in maize.

Educational Activities

Interactive Maize Plant: This activity lets students navigate through a corn plant, learning about the activities of each part.
These documents generated by the Maize Mapping Project, University of Missouri

Genetic Ratio Exercise: Use these images of real variations of corn to learn about genetic ratios. Useful for teachers in the classroom who want to demonstrate the connection between counting genetic ratios and real-world science.
Activity contributed by Ed Coe (USDA/ARS) and Sandra Gibbons (Moraine Valley Community College)

Want to use corn in the classroom? Corn in the Classroom at NCGA and Corny Classrooms at King Corn provides a number of useful suggestions about how to incorporate maize into classroom learning for primary and secondary educators.

Sci4Kids and NAL Kids provide additional educational resources for teachers interested in maize and genetics.


Course Materials: From the Maize Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Workshop taught March 7-11 at CIMMYT, Mexico.

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