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Project Documentation & Protocols: Maize Gene Discovery Project: ESTs: Unigene

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The unigene set for an organism should contain one clone representing each gene defined by ESTs. For maize, we determine the unigene set based on our assembly of all maize ESTs to minimize redundancy. Because new assemblies are compiled as additional ESTs are sequenced, the composition of the unigene set will change with each assembly. EST assemblies generate two classes of tentative genes: TUS = tentative unique singlets, only one EST is in the unit; TUC = tentative unique contigs, two or more ESTs are in the contig.

For the singlets, the composing EST clone is chosen. For the contigs, which were assembled from multiple EST sequences, a representative EST clone is chosen; typically the longest EST is used. UnigeneI was consolidated and delivered in late 2000 and early 2001 to those who ordered it by September, 2000. UnigeneI contains ~17,000 clones. Beginning with EST Project 946, we will consolidate unique clones more frequently, approximately every 6 months. The available new consolidated sets will be announced at ZmDB. Please note that consolidated sets must be ordered in advance, so that we know how many replica plates to make.

Prices & Availability. Consolidating, resequencing, and replicating clones in Unigene sets requires considerable time and effort by the EST sequencing team. We produce only the number of replica plates paid for in advance. If you are interested in the consolidated clones for just one EST project in UnigeneI, the price will be set-up charge of $500 plus $100 per plate (there are about 15 - 30 plates for large EST projects). This charge will cover replica plating, regrowth to verify the clones are healthy, shipment, and a file listing all of the clones and their locations. Please note, that a particular EST found in both root and immature ear, for example, will only be represented once in the UnigeneI consolidation. Thus, the set of plates for a particular EST project will not contain all of the items sequenced in the project. If you are interested in the initial UnigeneI consolidation of ~180 plates, please let us know, so that we can efficiently meet community interest. It will be much more efficient for us to regrow the plates and make new replicas for distribution to several customers simultaneously. The price for replicating all of UnigeneI will be $7000 per set, including the set-up charge.

UnigeneII (and subsequent consolidations of ~50-60 plates each, or about 4800 - 5700 clones) will be $3000 per set for those who order for the initial distribution. Please check ZmDB for the availability of UnigeneII and later consolidations; the order period will be open for approximately 2-3 months. Later requests will involve a set-up charge of $500 and the individual replica plates will be $100 each. If you need a price quote for a grant proposal please cite this web page.

Terms of Use: Maize Gene Discovery ESTs and unigene set can be used for any research purpose in a public or government laboratory. Clones should not be distributed to private companies. The only other thing we ask is that you do NOT produce maize microarrays for sale to others. Our continued production of microarrays in the Maize Gene Discovery Project depends on the funds raised from our own microarray sales.

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