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Project Documentation & Protocols: Maize Mapping Project: Project Summary (Sept. 2002)

Comprehensive Genetic, Physical, and Database Resources for Maize
Edward H. Coe, University of Missouri
, 573-882-2768

Plants to be Studied:
Principal: Maize
Secondary: Sorghum

Project Objectives:

  1. To produce an integrated physical and genetic map resource for maize.
  2. To derive and advance efficient, high-resolution genetic mapping resources for maize, and to other cereals.
  3. To develop and enhance curation, access, and representation of data for maize genomics.

Experimental Approaches:

  1. Produce, make available, and fingerprint 27X maize BAC libraries; produce filter arrays for anchoring and for other research studies.
  2. Develop and map markers (SSRs; AFLPs; ESTs; RFLPs; SNPs) in a new high-resolution mapping population standard; apply markers to anchor BACs to genetic maps; map mutants with markers; and design a controlled vocabulary/ontology.
  3. Establish Internet connectivity of genetic, physical, and database resources at MU, Arizona, and Georgia; innovate database curation tools, descriptor vocabularies, user-specified presentation and delivery of data, data mining, and database interoperability.

Information/Materials to be Generated:

  1. BAC libraries, filters, and clones, with accompanying characterization data and addresses, in a public resource.
  2. SSR primer sequences and DNA sequences (2,000 robust markers), map scores, and genetic maps; SNPs and INDELs; all in public resources.
  3. On-line repositories and curation tools; presentation and delivery designs; data mining and data analysis software; interconnective, interoperable database structures.

Contact Information for Deliverables:

  1. BAC filters and libraries: Clemson University Genomics Institute (CUGI),, and Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI),
  2. BAC Addresses / Maps / Map Data / Mapping Materials / Protocols: Maize Genome Database (MaizeDB),; Maize Mapping Project (MMP),; Physical Mapping (WebFPC),
  3. Integrated Genetic and Physical Maps, MMP:
  4. Bioinformatics Tools / Software / Downloads, MMP:

Internet Addresses (Web or Email) for Project Information:

Informatics Contact Person:
Name: Hector Sanchez-Villeda

Practical Applications of Research:
Advance of this project will take major steps toward understanding the structure and function of the genomes of maize and other cereal crops, and will enable gene discovery, studies of gene functions, comparative genomics, and discovery of new and useful variation in crops, among other opportunities. The information and resources that result will contribute to basic research, to the corn industry, and ultimately, to US consumers.

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