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Project Documentation & Protocols: Maize Mapping Project

The primary goal of the Maize Mapping Project is to take the first step toward understanding the structure and function of the maize genome by developing and disseminating a comprehensive integrated physical and genetic map of the Maize genome. This will involve the preparation of Maize Genome fragments inserted into a Bacterial Artificial Chromosome library, and the development and use of an array of markers (Expressed Sequence Tags, Single Sequence Repeats and Radiation Hybrids) to help determine the map. In all cases the results (the map) and the reagents (the markers) will be made available to the scientific community at large.

A consolidated physical and genomic map of maize, and the molecular mapping markers to be developed will enable the use by basic scientists for gene discovery, studies of gene functions, and comparative genomics among others. The information and resources that will result from this activity will be invaluable to basic research, the corn industry, and, ultimately, US consumers.

This project began in October 1998 and was completed in September 2003.

Text for these pages provided by the Maize Mapping Project and are kept here for future reference purposes. If you have questions about the Maize Mapping Project, contact Dr. Ed Coe.

Project Documentation

Project Overview
General Information (Feb. 2002)
Project Summary (Sep. 2002)
External Advisory Committee

DNA Kits
  Plate Layout Diagram
  Data Collection Template
  Control Primer Sequences
  Control Primer Scores
  Instructions for Data Submission
Ontologies and Controlled Vocabularies

SSR Protocols
RFLP Protocols
AFLP Protocols

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