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Project Documentation & Protocols: Maize Mapping Project: Collaborators


Data Logic (I.-Min Chen), Object Protocol Management
Gramene (L. Stein, and D. Ware ), Plant gene ontology, comparative mapping data
University of Georgia (A. Paterson, and J. Bowers, MMP Co-investigators), Cross-species anchors
Incyte Genomics (T. Landewe, H. Chow), Repeat masking and overgo design
Clemson University (C. Soderlund, MMP Co-Investigator), Contig assembly, Web FPC
USDA-ARS, Ithaca NY (S. Cartinhour), deconvolution of BAC pooling data
Stanford University (L. Reiser, TAIR), Plant ontology
International Rice Research Institute (R. Bruskiewich), Plant ontology
Stanford University, (V. Walbot), EST sequence files for public EST Cornsensus assembly
Dupont (F. Ushe, M. Morgante), EST clustering and contig assembly, Repeat libraries
International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement (M. Warburton, D. Hoisington), DB mirror
Massachusetts General Hospital (D. Bongard-Pierce), Sequence trace files
Tsukuba Japan, Rice Genome Project, (B. Antonio), GIOT integrated map software
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (L. Stein and P. Jaiswal), Plant Ontology
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
    Genbank, SSR Sequence submission
    Entrez-Genomes, map data
    dbSNP, locus names and links
    PubMed, abstracts
TIGR, gene index links and maize protein links
EMBL, sequence links
DDBJ, sequence links
Germplasm Resources Information Network, Germplasm links
Swiss Prot, sequence and protein links

Genetic Mapping

USDA-ARS, Urbana IL MGC-Stock Center (M. Sachs), Mutant stock and linkage data
University of California-Berkeley (Z. Cande, L. Harper), Cytotgenetic map data
Dupont (A. Rafalski), SNP mapping data
University of Georgia (S. Wessler), MITE mapping data
Stanford University (V. Walbot), EST sequence data for SSR mining
Arizona State University (R. Jorgensen, NSF Chromatin Project), Chromatin gene mapping data
Tsukuba Japan, Rice Genome Project (B. Antonio), Rice mapping data
Dupont (J. Vogel), IBM Mapping data
University of Florida (D. McCarty), Mutator insert mapping
International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (M. Warburton, D. Hoisington), QTL data
Monsanto Company (T. Ruff), SSR sequences and AFLP data
Pioneer (C. Brouwer and colleagues), IBM mapping data
Garst Seed Company (E. Chin), SSR mapping data
Cornell University (S. McCouch), mapping data
Iowa State University (P. Schnable), SNP and INDEL data
University of Wisconsin (J. Doebley), SSR and SNP data
University of Deleware (B. Lemieux), SSR and SNP data
Massachusetts General Hospital (D. Bongard-Pierce), SNP data
INRA (M. Causse), Genetic mapping and QTL data
USDA-ARS, North Carolina State (L. Senior), SSR mapping data
Iowa State University (M. Lee), IBM and QTL mapping data
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (R. Martienssen), phenotype data and links
University of Bristol (K. Edwards), SSR and SNP data
Keygene (J. Peleman), AFLP mapping and screening data
Purdue University (J. Romero-Severson), SSR mapping data
Max-Planck Institute (R. Thompson), ESTs and SSRs
Ist Sper Cereal Bergamo (P. Ajmone-Marsan), Genetic maps

Physical Mapping

Dupont (M. Morgante) BAC anchoring data
Incyte Genomics (T. Landewe) Overgo hybridizations
Clemson University (R. Wing and C. Soderlund, and M. Chen, MMP Co-investigators), BAC libraries and fingerprinting data
University of Georgia (A. Paterson, and J. Bowers MMP Co-investigators) Sorghum BAC anchoring data
Childrens Research Hospital of Oakland, CHORI (P. deJong) BAC libraries
Rutgers University (J. Messing), Mbo I BAC library
Texas A&M (P. Klein, J. Mullet), BAC pooling expertise
Novartis (D. Alexander), BAC library

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