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MaizeGDB Documentation

This is the central repository for MaizeGDB documentation, including status reports, schema details, reports from relevant related projects, and more.

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Project Documentation & Protocols: We are providing detailed documentation and protocol storage for maize research projects that use MaizeGDB as their primary data repository.
  Maize Gene Discovery Project
  Maize Mapping Project
  Cytogenetic Map of Maize Project
  UniformMu Transposon Resource
  Other Maize Projects

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Cite MaizeGDB
Linking to MaizeGDB
Credit (where credit is due)
An Introduction to MaizeGDB is a short PowerPoint presentation you can use to introduce students or others to MaizeGDB.
Maize Genetics Nomenclature is a summary of the general standards for maize genetics nomenclature.
Of Interest To Maize Cooperators is a collection of resources that may be interesting and useful to maize cooperators.


Sequence Downloads: Download the genetic sequences MaizeGDB imports from PlantGDB.
MaizeGDB Schema is a PDF describing the schema of the database that serves as the back-end for MaizeGDB.

Older, Archived Documents

The 23rd Stadler Symposium website.

Relevant Documents From Other Projects

Report from the February 18, 2003 Rice Workshop

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