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Of Interest To Maize Cooperators

A picture of legendary maize researchers at Cornell University in 1929; in the foreground are George Beadle and his dog Toto, with the background composed of (l to r) Charles Burnham, Marcus Rhoades, Rollins Emerson, and Barbara McClintock
This image depicts some notable maize researchers in Ithaca, NY in 1929.
In the foreground are George Beadle and his dog Pudgie, and in the background
(l to r): C. R. Burnham, Marcus Rhoades, Rollins Emerson, and Barbara McClintock.

Do you know Beadle's dog's name? Pudgie? Toto? Something else? Use the feedback link at the bottom of the page and tell us how you know!

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2007 Allerton Retreat report

Meetings and Courses

Index of Maize Genetics Conferences
2010 Illinois Corn Breeders School

Maize Newsletter

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Maydica website
Director & Editor-in-Chief: Mario Motto
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Maize Research Projects
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Pictures of Maize Lab Groups
Cooperative Federal-State Maize Breeding Project
GEM (Germplasm Enhancement of Maize)


MaizeGDB Assembly and Annotation Manifesto Information on how to partner with MaizeGDB for genome assembly and annotation.
Maize Genetics Standard Nomenclature and Symbols
Plant Biology Databases: A Needs Assessment
Maize BioNet
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Discussions in Cytogenetics by C. R. Burnham, sixth printing, 1980
1975 Doctoral Dissertation by Takeo Angel Kato Yamakake, 1975 (Available here with permission of the author)
Translocations and Inversions by A.E. Longley, 1961 (WARNING: pdf 37.8 MB)
Nuclear and Chromosomal DNA Amounts by Michael D. Bennett, 1995
Crop Production Statistics (USDA)
King Corn
USDA/ARS Maize Germplasm Collection (GRIN)
The Maize Page
Maize History, Domestication, Uses, and Lore
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List of Maize Cooperators
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Maize Genetics Executive Committee
Maize Cooperation
Maize Crop Germplasm Committee
National Corn Growers Association
American Corn Growers Association
American Seed Trade Association
CIMMYT (International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement)
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture


Podcast of Peter Peterson discussing the History of Maize Genetics (June 30th, 2009 - Iowa State University)

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