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A Letter To The Maize Community Concerning Maize Microarray Resources

November 12, 2003

Dear maize community,

I am the PI of a Maize Microarray Resources project funded by the National Science Foundation. I am writing to describe our project and to give you the opportunity to provide information to help us achieve our goals.

Our project is to produce 70-mer long oligo arrays for the maize community. We are currently compiling the maize unigene set that will be used to design the oligos. We are using all maize cDNA and EST sequences that were deposited to GenBank as of August 21, 2003. In addition, we are using ~2000 GSS sequences that have assembled into statistically sound gene models, but are not represented by a maize cDNA or EST. Altogether we intend to synthesize and spot ~55,000 oligos. To help assure that this array contains as many maize genes as possible I'm writing to the community to request that if you are working with genes that have not yet been deposited, and if you want these represented on the array you will need to deposit these to Genbank immediately and send us the Genbank accession number and/or a fasta formatted file. If you have orientation information on the gene sequences you submit, please provide that as well. If you want me to check that your favorite gene(s) is included in this unigene set, please provide me with their Genbank accession numbers.

Please provide this information to my assistant Lou Butler (see contact information below), as I am currently traveling out of the country and will only have intermittent access to email. We will need to receive this information no later than December 1st in order to include the sequences in the oligo synthesis order.

Vicki L. Chandler
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Arizona-Tucson

Contact information for Lou Butler:
Telephone: 520-626-2632
e-mail: [email protected]
fax: (520)621-7186
Mail: 303 Forbes Hall
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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