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Upcoming Events of Interest to the Maize Community

Upcoming Events: Click on the name of the event to read more about it!

June 9 - 20, 20144th Practical Summer Workshop in Functional Genomics (June 9 - 20). As in the past, it will be an honor to have students, postdocs and even faculty from your institutions participate. We are building a high-profile set of speakers (confirmed list below), and the research will cover several state-of-the art techniques to address fundamental biological questions in plant biology. You can get more information at - the site is being constantly updated to include schedules, events and other information, as they develop. It also has links to previous events in case that you want to have a better idea of what we have done before. The site also contains a link for applications. We anticipate having room for 20-30 participants; we will have a few fellowships that we intend to distribute them to participants in real need. See Flyer. Ohio State's Rightmire Hall, Columbus, OH, USA
September 12, 2014ECCV 2014 Workshop on Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP 2014). The goal of this workshop is to showcase computer vision challenges in plant phenotyping. Further information about the workshop, author instructions, submission guidelines, and the challenge are available here. Zurich, Switzerland

Want to add your own event? Email Carson Andorf with your event information!

You may also want to look at Maize, an internet forum for sharing information among maize researchers.

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